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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Biggest Loser: Black vs. Blue

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Tonight on the Biggest Loser was the night that the teams were split into Black (Jillian's team) and Blue (Bob's team).

Tara won the "up-down" challenge for the green team, so they got to choose their trainer; they chose to stay with Jillian. Helen (pink team) finished last, so she was forced to switch trainers and ended up with Jillian. The rest of the players were assigned to teams based on a black/blue coin toss. Although interestingly, they just happened to have exactly the right size shirt in the right color waiting for each person. Hmmm...

So the new line-up is:

Bob's Blue Team:

Jillian's Black Team:

There was plenty of disappointment to go around, but the most disappointing reaction was Bob's. I think he did both his former team and his new team a huge disservice by boohooing about how upset he was. He should have put on a strong face and embraced the new opportunity, helping the players do the same.

The second challenge was a 24-hour bike challenge. Tara really showed her street smarts by gathering the things that the black team would need to get the challenge done. Their strategy of 30 minutes on the bike, 2-1/2 hours off proved to be a winning one.

My favorite quote of the night was an exchange between Aubrey and Mandi during the 24-hour challenge:

Aubrey: "My a$$ is burning."
Mandi: “Uh huh. Don’t worry -- it will go numb.”

When the Blue team came and offered a cease-fire to conserve everyone's strength for the last chance workout, I thought the Black team would take it. But kudos to Sione who said no, he was there to finish what he started. Then Aubrey from the Blue team agreed and they all finished.

Dane was absolutely right when he said that they had all gotten there (fat enough to be on TBL) by not finishing what they started in terms of weight loss plans. I thought it was a high point for everyone still in the game.

Last chance workout with the new teams and the weigh-in are tomorrow night. I think someone on Bob's team is going home simply because he's not focused on pushing them as hard as they can go. What do you think?


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I think it stinks that they advertise 2 nights of Biggest Loser this week, but we aren't getting anymore than we usually do. We just have to wait longer for the end of the show! Pfffffft!

I am sure they had both color for each person's size, but they edit it well enough that you don't ever realize that there are. Maybe they shouldn't edit it like that so it appears more believable! I was more in the not believing when it came to the up-down competition. It just so happened that first place and last place were both neck and neck and all came down to the very last up-down? Yeah right!

And here is the link so I can watch you next season:

Joanie said...

I didn't realize until the credits went up that each hour of TBL was being shown on 2 separate nights.

There sure was a lot of boo-hooing going on tonight!!! And I agree that Bob losing it was not good for either team. Jillian handled it much more maturely, that's for sure. She was even being nice to everyone tonight!

I'm finding some new-found respect for Tara in the last week or so. She kicked butt on the up/down challenge AND the bike riding! She took charge to gather provisions for her team on her "off" time. I'm starting to like her again.

As for choosing the teams, it was much better this year (certainly more fair!) than the way they did it last year when they gave Heba the task of choosing teams. She used her vindictiveness by splitting up the red team and making sure that Vickie and Brady were on her team. UGH!! I get mad just thinking about those 3 stooges!

I liked that quote too, by Aubry.
I'm curious to see what the weigh-ins and last chance workouts look like tomorrow night. Guess I'm going to have to miss the first hour of Lost (which is actually a rerun of last week's episode)!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recap. i missed last night and wondered who went home. glad that i get to watch tonight.

Marine Wife said...

I'm usually a lurker here, but love to check in with your take after each show. Keep up the great work!

I used to be a fan of Bob's, but this season, I've been disappointed in his behavior more than once. Jillian's attitude of "this is a great opportunity" for the players to get a different perspective with a different trainer was so much more mature and appropriate than Bob's melt-down.