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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good help is hard to find.

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You would think in this kind of economy, good customer service would abound as people might go the extra mile to ensure job security. Apparently, the Tooth Fairy does not work that way.

Charlie discovered his loose tooth just yesterday morning. He worked at that stinkin' tooth all day long. I kept telling him to be patient, that it would take a few days. But he was determined and sure enough, at 5pm, he pulled the tooth out.

He was so excited.

"Yes! My first lost tooth since the first grade!" and he tore up the stairs to put the tooth under his pillow. At bedtime last night he checked under the pillow three times to make sure the tooth was still there. It was.

Yet, this morning, when he woke up the first thing he did was check for his reward. Nothing.

"The Tooth Fairy didn't come last night!"

"Is the tooth there?" I asked, secretly hoping the answer was no.

"No." Whew! Thank goodness for wiggly sleepers.

So I suggested that maybe the money had fallen behind the bed and told him we would look after breakfast. Amazingly, when we pulled out the bed, there were several coins that had fallen on the floor. (Moms can be as tricky as tooth fairies are unreliable.)

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Several years ago, the Tooth Fairy was MIA from Annie's room for days on end. She finally ponied up the change when Annie left her a letter that read (misspellings included):

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Why have you not came to my house for 3 hole days? If I were your boss, I would fire you!

Your friend,

Maybe Santa should give the Tooth Fairy a few tips on customer service.


Joanie said...

That tooth fairy should be written up for slacking in her duties. Thank goodness mom was there to rescue her butt once again.
psst... been there, done that. lol

Momza said...

What a cute letter from Annie!
And thank goodness for lost coins!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I hear there is a Quality Assurance program in place. Just call the hotline and they'll fill out a Corrective Action Request. If the wrong reward was left, they will fill out a Discrepant Material Report to accompany the Corrective Action Request. Your Fairy is required to respond within 30 days, detailing the actions being put into place to guarantee that a repeat of the error will not occur.

So... follow up on that, ok?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

LOL! Your a sneaky one!