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Monday, March 21, 2011

10 reasons I love Facebook

  1. Free Scrabble, with the board set up like a real Scrabble board.
  2. I can keep up with brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins who live near and far.
  3. Plenty of links to funny videos and interesting news stories.
  4. It adds a whole new dimension to watching sports on TV. Gotta love the corresponding FB chatter.
  5. It expands the number of people who read my blog.
  6. Free stuff! Lots of companies offer freebies and deals just for "liking" their pages. 
  7. Near-instant answers to questions like "what should I fix for dinner" or "is tomorrow an out of uniform day at school?"
  8. Wide-reaching network of people more than willing to pray for things. All I have to do is ask.
  9. Speaking of asking, need a costume for a school play? A used stroller for a friend? A movie recommendation? Just ask on Facebook!
  10. It makes talking to myself more socially acceptable.
1am bonus reason -- Facebook makes insomnia less lonely.

How about you? Do you love Facebook? Why or why not?

If you haven't already done so, check out the 4th Frog Facebook page.


kimybeee said...

i posted this HUGE comment and then logged on and it said it was unable to do some crappy thing - and it was GONE!! if it doesn't reappear soon, i am not gonna do anything about it except whine!!! now i am off to facebook!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

There is a lot to appreciate about facebook!


Anonymous said...

Here are a few more that I love!

1. It is easy and instantaneous to find services for almost anything. Need a last minute photograher for next weekend? Post it on Fb. You're sure to have a few offers within the hour!

2. Finding local businesses to support with unique and handcrafted wares is easy!

3. Photo sharing!

4. lots of free reading material to be found!

5. Instant access to loads of events

The list goes on and on!

Sharon said...

LOL, I especially love the "talking tio yourself is more socially acceptable". I think that's a good one for me, too.

I love FB because the majority of my family & friends are out of town, so it makes it easy to keep in touch. Especially posting pictures.

It's a great escape during the day, too. Especially when I'm in need a an ADULT moment as I'm home w/ my little kids. It's great. to I find it to play on the actual board?

Michelle said...

Awesome list. :)

Unknown said...

I agree with you 100%, especially watching a sporting even and celebrating or in the case of me and a bazillion other Purdue fans, lamenting a loss! It IS a great friend for those insomniatic nights~! ( I think I just made up a new word!)

caralyn said...

I am particularly fond of #10. As I tend to do it anyway and would like for it to be as socially acceptable as possible!

*sidenote* Nice to meet you Wednesday!!!

Bill Lisleman said...

I enjoy FB but I'm sure that you spend more time on it than me.
First off - I sleep just fine and insomnia is an awful thing to live with. Hope you have figured out other solutions than FB. Pictures updates on friends and family, funny clips, fan pages - great stuff.
Never played a game on it and never will. I think more people would blog and visit blogs if FB did NOT exist. FB is like a blog substitute. I do wonder if the overuse by corporations will kill it. Gee I hope you like long comments and BTW it would be great if you "liked" the page Stop Music On-hold.