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Monday, March 28, 2011


We're a pretty open family around here. I mean we don't walk around naked or anything, but I have been known to dash downstairs in a towel in search of something to wear. Annie is probably the most modest of us all. The boys (all 3 of them) have no problem running around in their underwear.

Maybe that's why underwear has been on my mind lately. Or maybe it's because I did 6 loads of laundry yesterday and folded plenty of underwear.

There were the Diego underpants that I'm sure Robbie has long since outgrown, but apparently has worn at least once recently. They were part of the bribe to go potty on the big boy potty so many years ago.

Whoever came up with those picture underpants was a genius. We've had Diego and Star Wars and Spiderman and dinosaurs, all in the tighty-white briefs cut. I just loved my kids' behinds in those little underwear when they were still part of the preschool set. Totally pinchable, I tell you.

Eventually, Charlie declared the briefs a little too brief and chose boxer briefs instead. They even make those in characters, though I think King Kong is the only one we have left. Oh, there may be a stray Spongebob in there somewhere. Now most of the smallish-boy underwear I fold is either solid colors or striped or army camouflage.

Regular old-fashioned boxer shorts are starting to make an appearance in the dresser drawers now, though I can't, for the life of me, understand why. It seems like all that flimsy cotton would just bunch up under your pants and feel really uncomfortable. Plus, I think if I were a boy, I might want my, um, parts, tucked in a little bit. Who knows? I'm not a boy so maybe I'm way off base.

Anyway, it seems to me that underwear is just one more way to mark the passage of time. I have a newborn diaper saved from when each of the kids was born, to remind me (and them) how tiny they were when they were born -- if you can call 10+, 9+ and 8+ pounds tiny. So maybe I should grab those Diego underpants and save them, too. And a pair of the Spongebob boxer briefs.

And when they go away to college or maybe when they have kids of their own, I can give my sons a box of their outgrown underwear and say, wistfully, "Remember when your butt was this small?"


Momza said...

LOL! Do it!! Doesn't it just suck that time goes so stinkin' fast? I want a do-over with my first born, and my second, n' third, n' fourth, n' fifth, n' sixth, and yes, even the 7th...I want to see them running around in their underoos like wild indians through the house! With silly grins and infectious giggles--I'd love to have those moments all over again!!
Ohhhh they grow up so dang fast, don't they?

p.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my lil blog--and yes, I read it to Mr. W before I posted it. We both are total boobs and got a little teary-eyed.

Nate's Mom said...

Oh AMY! I smiled and giggled my way through this. Right up to the 10+ pound baby. Seriously? Ouch. My first (and biggest) was 9'6. We still have a few Star Wars straggler underpants around here too. They are quite faded, lol. I could have written this whole post, lol. Love it when that happens. You could be my mid-west, catholic, buried in snow twin. I'll be the California, Christian, beach bunny (although, not a bikini wearing one).

Sheri in CA

kimybeee said...

so funny and so true! the men in my life are boxer wearers too - and i agree with the bunching philosophy. but it is what they prefer. my son will wear the boxer briefs, but he has never worn a regular pair of grown up underwear ever. he did the character thing when he was small. i actually always scour the clearance racks at target and old navy looking for clearance boxers. you can get the really cute ones cheap that way. and who cares if you wear holiday drawers after the season is over. smurfs, spongebob, school busses, dogs, trees, devils, hearts - you name it, it is all in the dresser here (and those are my husbands lol)! as for the added protection, my husband will not wear them without a button on the front. if they don't come with one (most old navy do) i have to tack the flapper shut. just takes a sec.

my husband and i have a no granny panty/white or boring underwear rule. life is too short to wear ugly underwear lol!!! i have even taken to wearing bright colorful socks - i have collected so many that i had to swap out my undies and put them in the smaller drawer and put my cute socks in the big drawer. give it a try and see if you don't feel a little perkier wearing a pair of socks with frogs or cats on them! i have a bright pink pair with big green frogs that are one of my faves...

tmi alert - tmi alert - tmi alert lol

Anonymous said...

Christopher is in the Diego wearing, size 2T, booty pinching stage of life and I love it. I love when he walks around in his tiny little undies, no shame at all... I didn't even think that one day he'll want undies that don't have Lightning McQueen printed on them... :(

Anonymous said...

Christopher is in the Diego wearing, size 2T, booty pinching stage of life and I love it. I love when he walks around in his tiny little undies, no shame at all... I didn't even think that one day he'll want undies that don't have Lightning McQueen printed on them... :(

varangianguard said...

fyi to kimybeee: IIRC, the TMI alert is supposed to precede the TMI info, not come as an afterthought. lol

This must be a perspective thing. I never sat around fixating on kiddie underwear.

Oh, and Moms, quit pinching your little boys' behinds! It spoils it for the future women in their lives. ;)

Nancy said...

Do it! I never thought of saving a pair of Delainey's, but I think that I will have to put at least one pair of her princess panties away!

And I totally agree about the boxers, I just don't understand how they can be comfy!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

My son is in grad school, and I am pretty sure one pair of boxers that is still, um, active, was one of the first I bought him--when he was entering 7th grade! (That makes them closing in on 13...his butt is still little!)

He's all boxers, my hubs is all briefs.

Unknown said...

I agree 100%
My boy had a pair of "RAMONE" from the movie Cars! Everytime he put them on he would back up towards me with his butt sticking out and say "look Mom - it's RRAAMMMONE - don't you want to pinch my butt!"

I think you should totally save them!

Shelley said...

I only have experience with girls, so all my stories are about little tiny pink Disney princess panties. The things I really loved were the ruffled-bottom cloth diaper covers when they were babies and toddlers. A cute little toddler girl in sprigtails bending over in her summer sundress to pick a dandelion out of the grass and displayed her ruffly little bum is one of my most treasured memories. Although she ate the dandelion.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

The girls' underwear and pj's are still kept downstairs; when you live in an old drafty farmhouse (at least the upstairs), downstairs is a kinder place to change for bed. That being said, now that the girls are 6 & 8, we have been battling a bit with the idea of going to the bathroom to change instead of shucking it all in the living room in front of all to see! Too much fun, this life of a parent!

kimybeee said...

varangiangard - i don't have too much of a filter lol my kids and husband would be mortified if they knew what i shared lol

Anonymous said...
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