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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The 12 blogs of Christmas: #3 -- Don't read if you believe.

When I decided to post "The 12 blogs of Christmas," I wasn't sure I could come up with 12 post-worthy topics. I'm still not sure of that, so I'm going to tap a couple of fellow bloggers to help me out.

Mike of Mike's Brain Blog -- and, oh yeah, my husband -- recently posted about his first experience as one of Santa's "helpers," as in the guys who dress up in the red suits and Ho! Ho! Ho! in jolly fashion.

Read "My First Santa Gig" and then check out the video.

Since Mike obviously has an "in" with Mr. C, leave a comment here about what you would like for Christmas. Your comment will get you 1 entry in my Ridemakerz giveaway.


The Fehrenbachers said...

Amy - I would like 2 days without kids asking me for something and having no responsibility. Can you take care of that Sanata? I just want to be a kid again!

Jen F

Anonymous said...

he he he. What a cool "job".
Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is that RIDEMAKERZ for my son. Oh and one for me. And one for hubby dear too please.
I promise to never ask for anything ever again if you will please.
At least not here. On this blog.

Amy said...

@Jen -- I think you have to leave town for that. Maybe Santa can leave a couple of plane tickets and a few maternal-type elves to babysit.

@Mannequin -- LOL! You've got a one track mind. Love it.

The Fehrenbachers said...

ok perhaps I was asking to much. Santa can you come and clean my house?

Ginny said...

I've been asking Santa for a laptop, but not sure he can deliver :)