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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Biggest Loser lovers -- are you ready?

Ok, I have my DVR set (in case one of the kids needs something during the show, God forbid), NBC tuned in (in high def to make Mike happy), and keyboard at the ready. Catch you after the show!

I'm back. I couldn't stay away, so I'm blogging throughout the show. The question is do I hit publish after every segment or wait to the end. I might drive my e-mail subscribers crazy if I publish multiple times throughout. And I worked hard for those subscribers.

Here it goes...Ed or Heba?

Holy cow Heba! She looks good! All right, she looks great! (Of course she hasn't opened her mouth yet...) She does need a little more support for the "girls," though.

Ed looks like a totally different person. Doofus or not, he does love his wife, which is endearing.

It's ED! It's ED!

Why did this happen? Because Heba has been nasty for an entire season and America is sending a message that nasty does not pay off.

They do look disappointed and they should be. Because it looks like Heba lost so much weight, she would have been a serious contender.

Bringing out the old crew. Boy, those floors must be slick. Heba and Stacy have both slipped.

Guess I didn't know what I was talking about when I picked Tom & LT. They look like they could've used a few more weeks on the ranch.

Minor aside...couldn't they find a better dress for Allison?

Contest -- win $10K and a BL prize pack. Guess what? It's overloaded Better enter via text from your phone.

From the comments:

@Angie -- GMTA -- that preggo dress is so wrong! Didn't I just say that?

@MichelleF -- I'm glad I voted for Ed too. I don't begrudge Heba her progress, but I wasn't about to reward her behavior with my vote.

Wow! If I lost 29% of my body weight, I'd weigh 315lbs! LOL! Sorry, inside joke. I really wouldn't. But no way am I gonna tell you what I would weigh.

LT needs to lose more than 105 lbs. Nope. But I wouldn't kick 87 pounds out of bed for eating crackers. Tom lost the mirror amount -- 78lbs.

Jerry: Now there's a cop who looks like he's skipping the donut shop. Amazing difference.
Colleen: I thought she was whiney on the show, but she looks great now.

Shellay: I think she might be my favorite transformation.
Amy: She looks awesome. And so confident. What a difference from her "before" segment at the top of the show when she talked about being ashamed for anyone to see her. Beautiful!

Hey BL people: Can we get a new doc for next season? This guy kind of creeps me out.

Can Amy hold on to her lead? I think she meant Stacy. Wonder if that's a Freudian slip? Guess not since it's a live show.

My apologies to those on the e-mail subscription. I decided to multi-publish this blog. I promise I won't do this again (at least until the American Idol finale).

-115 for Jerry. What he gained in health is worth way more than $250K.
-64 for Colleen, two shy of de-throning her Dad. I don't think she's disappointed.

LOL! I'd never seen that clip of Shellay and Amy in the dressing room w/the too-small pants on. That's great!

-74 for Shellay. You know in the scope of the Biggest Loser show, 74 pounds doesn't seem like much. But what a difference in makes.

Can Amy C. lose more than 81? Yes ma'am she did! 104! Sounds like she's a crowd favorite.

OHHHH EMMMMM GEEEEE! Phil and Amy. Can't wait for Vicky to see them now.

There's Brady. Still don't like him.

And Renee. Her haircut is adorable! And probably good for at least 5 pounds.

Here we go, Phil & Amy's weigh ins. Oh, he's totally bald now. Did I ever mention I have a thing for bald men? -151! 45% of his body weight gone?! I'm sorry for Amy C., but way to go Phil! Please let it be enough to keep Brady at bay.

Now Amy knocked Phil off the top with a 105lb. weight loss. That's more than 250 pounds of weight gone between them. You know there's some serious lovin' goin' on in that house!

Drat! Phone call. It's my MIL. I love her, but she's gonna have to leave a message tonight.

Brady has to lose more than 156. Please don't. Please don't. Holding my breath!

NOT EVEN CLOSE! Take that Vicky! I would love to see Amy be the one to snatch that $100K as a reward for all the crap Vicky gave her and Phil.

Renee's up. I like her so much. As much as you can like someone you've never met. -106 pounds. I think that has to be at least 4 or 5 100+ losers.

I didn't even recognize Heba. I'm pretty sure she lost more than 134 pounds. She was close to 300 on the first day at the ranch. I bet she's lost close to 150. Darn...I mean, good for her!

She lost 138 pounds! Nasty or not, she earned it. $100,000! Just please, please, let Michelle win the Biggest Loser prize...

Ed's discussion about how hard the temptation of food is hit home. I would imagine that a naturally thin person wouldn't even think about the way a potato chip feels in your mouth. But it wasn't a stretch for me at all. He's right how hard it is when your demon is food. It's not like alcohol that you can swear off of forever. (He didn't say the demon part, I just expanded the discussion.)

Vicky's reveal. If you can't say something nice...

Every time she wanted to quit or give up, she thought about...$$$$.

She's gonna be the superwoman. She did not learn one thing. Unrealistic expectations breed contempt. She doesn't get home until 9pm at night? Even she acknowledges that's not what she wants her life to be. I truly hope when this game is over, she gains some perspective.

And this "I've lost 2 pounds in 7 weeks"stuff? I smell more gameplay...

Michelle's turn. Please, oh, please..

Nice product placement. Bet the Subway folks are pulling for Michelle now too.

Michelle just makes me feel happy inside. Please let the nice girl win.

Here they are. Vicky. Again with the slipping. Is it bad that I laughed and hoped to see Vicky fall right on her butt? She doesn't really look healthy. And that dress? I'm biting my tongue.

Michelle. Now she is smokin'! And very healthy looking. And classy. (Except I could do without the feathery necklace.)

A new season in January already? Hate to say it, but it looks like The Biggest Loser Freak show. I'm afraid Biggest Loser might be jumping the shark with this next season.

Vicky's little winking and smooching? Blech!

Ok. Ed's up...

-139 pounds. 41% of body weight. Together, he and Heba have lost 280 pounds.

Vicky. Just typing the name feels icky. But I will say this. She knew what she wanted, right or wrong, and she worked hard to achieve it. But I'm not sure she learned what she needed to for this to be a lifelong change.

-101! Two pounds shy of taking over Ed. Ding dong the witch is dead! Skinny, maybe, but definitely NOT the Biggest Loser!

Michelle's turn. Breathe, Amy, breathe. She deserves this. Please, let her win this. She needs to have lost more than 100 pounds. I thought for sure that Vicky had it in the bag. I'm not taking anything for granted.

From the comments:

@MichelleF. -- I agree with you. Michelle does look like the same person, just a thinner version of herself. And it is completely evident that what's on the inside really does show on the outside.

@Fox and Dawg -- (Great name, btw). LOL! You're right about the necklaces. Maybe they are launching own signature line of jewelry.

This is it. Either Michelle gets $250K and the title or Ed & Heba go home with the whole kit and kaboodle.

Crossing my fingers, holding my breath!

YES! -110!

Nice guys do finish first!

Congratulations Michelle!


Anonymous said...

Okay, you convinced me..I'm watching...Heba looked Great!

Anonymous said...

On a non-contestant note..that dress isn't workin' for the preggo hostess.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think she looks nice in it! My hubby sure is ogling her.

Heba looks SO different... so I'm very glad I voted for Ed! My prediction, they will go home w/ some money. Hopefully just the 100K.

Anonymous said...

Stacy looks awesome..she's gotta be all muscle b/c I expected her to weigh about 125!

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW!! Amy lost 104!! I wasn't expecting that!

Anonymous said...

As I expected, Michelle is absolutely gorgeous! I think she could do without the feathers on the necklace, but the dress is great! I love how she doesn't seem like a "completely different person", she just looks like a thinner more beautiful version of herself. And I think that's reflected on the inside too, from what we've seen.

Fox and Dawg said...

I think Michelle and her mom went necklace shopping together.. they were both a bit much

Anonymous said...

Oh, sighs of relief! I mean, I'm so glad Ed was second rather than Vicki, but if Michelle hadn't taken the prize it still would have felt like a failed season!

The name is lucky! And hard-working, once us Michelles put our minds to it.

Annie said...

SO happy that Michelle won!!! I'm okay with Heba winning the other prize, now she can buy some good bras! ;)

Annie said...

Oh, and Allison's dress was not flattering at all. She looks much better on DOOL!

Joanie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog (via Liz)! I got so involved online that I forgot to put the TV on and I missed the entire show! Thanks for a terrific synopsis!
I really wanted Michelle to win so I was very happy to learn that! I wish I could have seen what everyone looks like today though. I'd have liked to see someone else win the $100K rather than Heba. Anyone winning the $100K but Heba, Ed, Brady or Vicky would have been terrific in my book!

Amy said...

@Annie -- You are crackin' me up, girl!

@Joanie -- Welcome! Hope you stick around. I might be biased but I think it's pretty fun here even when the chatter is not about TBL.

Anonymous said...

lol. i just read your blog through a link on the BNL website. thanks for my afternoon chuckle. my son and daughter did not like ali's dress either. ha ha. i thought it was, shall we say, "odd". i will add you to my blog roll so i can keep up with your analysis of BL's next season. ;)


Amy said...

Diane -- Glad you found me! Whatever will we BL fans do until January 6?!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I have been dying to read this post since I watched the show! I was sooooo happy that 1st Heba didn't make it to finals, 2nd that Vicky didn't win!!! Yay for Michelle! I do have to admit that Heba looked HOT! What a difference!

And I totally know the "jumping the Shark" meaning, but I must have missed what was in store for January! Hmmmm... I'll have to look into that now!

BTW, I LOVE American Idol too!