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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Clutter-induced insomnia

It's 4:17am. I've been awake for almost two hours. I have a headache, which probably is caused by lack of sleep. And it's the reason I can't sleep.

I've watched "Miracle on 34th Street" and caught up on a few message boards that I frequent. So it's either toss up a post here or go do laundry. And since I did housework from 1am to 4pm last night, I'm giving myself a night off.

I've tried ibuprofen, caffeine, no caffeine, watching TV. Nothing seems to take away this headache and/or put me to sleep. Of course I'm probably oxygen deprived and if I would go upstairs and drag out the CPAP machine for a little forced-air-assisted sleep, that might work.

But, oh, that's right. I can't use the CPAP machine because it's next to my bed and what's ON my bed is about five loads of laundry waiting to be folded and put away. I'd move that to my floor, except what's on my floor is about 10 pairs of shoes, four rolls of wrapping paper, two baskets' worth of socks, assorted discarded outfits that weren't right for whatever occasion and a partridge in a pear tree.

Boy do I feel like a hypocrite when I tell the kids to clean their rooms. It's definitely a case of do as I say and not as I do. See this kids -- learn from my mistakes. Whatever you do, do not turn your room into a replica of the Goodwill warehouse. Trust me, you will lose sleep over it.

Nothing like a little insomnia to make a girl start airing her dirty laundry -- or her clean laundry as the case may be. I figure if I don't ever make it on the Biggest Loser, I may have a shot at one of those de-cluttering home improvement shows.


Joanie said...

Hey! That's my room!

I'm also up since 3 am. But I got up to take my daughter to the airport. She had a 7:30 am flight from Philly to Portland, OR via Las Vegas to visit a friend who moved out west this past summer.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Soooooo sounds like my house. Craziness, I know!!

Anonymous said...

If its any consolation - the down stairs was very tidy - I love the re-arrange in the living room!

Hope you're getting some rest!

Jennifer said...

Of first off... WAY cute blog! I love it! Secondly, thanks for the comments on mine... I think if I get better at planning my meals too I'll get better at cooking!

Third... I know EXACTLY how you feel about clutter and cleaning your room! I hate cleaning, and my husband ends up doing most of it :)

But you know... I always like to clean after I've bought something to decorate with... I want my new decoration to look nice in a nice clean room!

Anonymous said...

I was exhausted when I was at work today. Just thinking about cleaning AGAIN when I got home. I keep trying to tell the boys that their stuff doesn't have to stay under the tree anymore but...
Good luck with the clutter...Just try to do one pile at a time. Or set a time limit, get everyone involved. For the next 15 minutes we will all fold clothes. (Sometimes that works for me, Lets them know when it will end, when we really know, for ourselves,its endless)