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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The 12 blogs of Christmas: #4 -- Wordless Wednesday: Snow angel or fallen child?


When I saw this in the Santa village at the mall on my big shopping trip, I wasn't sure if this figure was supposed to be making snow angels or if I should dial 9-1-1 to report a child down. Anyone remember the scene from A Christmas Story where the little brother, who is wearing his big puffy snowsuit, gets knocked down and can't get up? Maybe my mind is just a wee bit warped that way.

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Sharon said...

Cute :-)
We just watched A Christmas Story. I remember that scene well.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

My husband has been watching A Christmas Story EVERY night lately. So I know the scene well! Too cute!

And about our gingerbread house. It's actually graham crackers, but we may try a kit next year for one of them. I am found of gingerbread, but I am probably the only one who will eat it! :)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

oops fond not found

Alvis said...

A Christmas Story is the first thing I thought of, also. Happy WW.

Anonymous said...

My wordless Wednesday for this photo "Help, I've fallen and can't get up!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
This is Emily from Mommin It Up... my family and I were at the Ridemakerz event on Sunday. As we were leaving, my husband said "Did you see Amy from Frog Blog? That looked just like Amy Michael, Shelley Michael's sister." So when I found your blog tonight and read through your latest posts, I saw the picture of your family and I was like "It WAS Shelley's sister!" My husband is Andy Berry, and he went to CJ with you and Shelley. We're good friends with the Prikkels, so we see Shelley and Steve every once in a while. Anyway, small world, huh? So I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Votes for the fallen child!

Amy said...

@Emily -- Well what a small world! I remember Andy's name but my old brain is having a hard time placing the face. I'll have to see if I can find a pic on your blog. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back. I'm off to check out your blog.

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

ROFLMAO!!! Looks like Santa ran over one of his elves!