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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The 12 blogs of Christmas: #6 -- Unrealistic Expectations

reindeer dude

A few days ago, we were talking about what Charlie could take to school to sell for "stores," a mini economy activity (fueled by play money) that the kids love and the parents hate because generally the kids come home with a bunch of junk that you have to sneak into the garbage little by little so they don't realize that it's gone. At least that's what I've heard other parents do.

Anyway, I suggested to Charlie that we make candy cane reindeer for him to sell at stores. While he wasn't at all interested in that suggestion, Robbie was all over it and asked me several times when we could make the reindeer. So, today while I was out, I bought the necessary supplies (candy canes, pipe cleaners, red puffy balls and googly eyes), came home and told Robbie tonight was the night.

He was all set. We decided to make 24 candy cane reindeer -- one for each kid and teacher in his class. He was on nose duty. I was in charge of the googly eyes and the pipe cleaner antlers. Then he gave each set of antlers a re-twist until he had them just so. That's how our process went -- for about 5 reindeer. Then he said, "You can do the rest, Mom. I'm going to watch a show."

Hey, now wait a minute! What happened to our mother-son quality time? So I tried to convince him to stick around a bit longer.

"But Robbie, we have to finish them all so you can take them to your friends at school."

To which he replied, "Oh, you can take them in Mom. I'm not going to school."

box o reindeer


We took the kids to a living Nativity last weekend. It was wet and freezing and a perfect night to stay inside. But the kids were bouncing off the walls and I decided we had to get out. Besides, the cold might freeze their joints a bit so they would be a little less bouncy, I reasoned.

So we drove to the ground of the hospital where the living Nativity was to take place. My eyes first fell on a huge white tent where the performance would take place and I muttered a genuine, "Thank you Jesus!" Inside, we were surprised (and pleased) to find free hot chocolate, popcorn and cookies, though I did have to remind the kids that concessions were not actually served at the birth of Jesus.

We took our seats -- another great surprise, as I thought we'd be standing -- and watched as the live camels and the choir got into place. The event started and Robbie came to sit on my lap.

"Look," I whispered. "There's Mary and Joseph. They have to stay in that barn because there's no room for them anywhere else. See the donkey with them?"

I began to feel all warm inside, not from hot chocolate, but from the joy of realizing that we were helping to shore up the kids' understanding that Christmas is not all about toys and wish lists, but is truly a celebration of Jesus' birth.

"Yeah, I see the donkey," said Robbie. "But where's Santa Claus?"


~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

HAHAHAHA! Too funny! I'm sure that will be one memory that will be retold for many xmas to come, especially as he gets older.

And those reindeer are so cute. I would attempt making them, but the kids would probably gnaw on the before the glue even dried.

Lara said...

I love the candy cane reindeer... I may have to have the kids make these over Christmas break! =)