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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Official Christmas Letter

I am notorious for buying cards, having a Christmas picture printed and then never actually mailing the Christmas cards. So I've given myself until the end of Christmas break to get the cards in the mail. And instead of printing a Christmas letter, I decided to publish the "official" Christmas letter here and hopefully snag a few dedicated readers by directing them here from our Christmas cards. Sneaky? Maybe? But I prefer the term "creative."

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy New Year (since I've obviously missed the "Merry Christmas" opportunity)! Hard to believe that it's 2009 already. Seems like only yesterday, we were all stockpiling bottled water and blankets for the apocalypse of Y2K.

As the t-shirts say, "Life is good." Sure we can look around and point to things in our lives we wish were better -- or at least different. But we can look the other way and see so many who have lives so much more difficult than ours and we quickly remember our blessings.

October 9, 2008 marked the 15th anniversary of the day Mike and I got married. Boy have we learned a lot in those years.

The kids are great. Helpful and funny, sometimes whiny and demanding, like most kids can be, except maybe the child Jesus, you know -- being God and all. They've all had a good year. Robbie started kindergarten and his slow, 12-year march toward independence; Annie had her tonsils out; and Charlie broke his arm, eliminating both the football and soccer seasons in one fell swoop. "Never a dull moment," as the saying goes and we wouldn't trade any of the moments we have with them.

We haven't really done a lot of traveling, though we did finally manage to take a quick trip with my parents, siblings and their families. Nineteen of us descended on Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana for two days of affordable, clean amusement park/water park fun. We've been trying to do a group trip like this for years. It was awesome!

Holiday World-the fam

And if anyone tells you that I shouted profanities with my 9-year-old son sitting next to me on the Liberty Launch, I will vehemently deny it (unless video exists to prove otherwise).

When we're not having potty-mouthed fun, Mike and I are working. He moved his office back home in August and has enjoyed being with the kids more. He is looking at moving his business to more of a freelance model while returning to traditional employment. He's got a few prospects on the horizon, so your prayers in that direction would be much appreciated.

I'm working 28 hours/week as a Communications Manager for a local college. Annie was at the office with me one day and asked if my job was boring. I gave it genuine consideration and decided, no it's not. I have a variety of projects to work on and co-workers who are fun to work with. It's a terrific job that I feel lucky to have.

Outside of friends, family and job -- for which I am supremely grateful -- this blog has been a blessing in my life. It gives me a place to stretch the creative side of my brain and gives me a little boost to know that a couple handfuls of people care to read what I have to say. Mostly, it's been a source of fun for the whole family. "You should blog about that!" is an oft-uttered phrase around here.

Mike dabbles in the blogsophere as well. While he doesn't post as frequently, his entries are often more intellectual in nature. He and I are tossing around the idea of starting a blog on which we'll jointly author entries. Could be a fun, and nerdy, sort of hobby for us to share.

We hope you and your families are enjoying life. We sincerely wish you the most blessed 2009.

Amy & Mike
Annie, Charlie & Robbie
(and Dungy the Cat)

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Nate's Mom said...

This is a great idea. I might have to borrow it next year. I thought about putting the blog address on my cards, but did not. I have a couple of friends who did. Maybe next year...along with the letter. We shall see. Have a blessed (and healthy) 2009!

Sheri in CA