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Monday, December 15, 2008

While visions of basketball danced in their heads...

Go BU!

After I put the boys to bed tonight, I walked back down the hallway to grab some laundry. As I reached for the reds, Charlie called out to me:


"What Charlie?"

"When A.J. Graves made that deep shot from the nozone against the Flames, were the Bulldogs down by 2 or 1?"

"Um, I think you're gonna have to discuss that with your Dad."

Now I know what little boys always have on their minds before they become big boys with something else always on their minds.


Ryan R. said...

I think Charlie and Jack could start a blog of obscure sports trivia. Jack asked me out of the blue today "What NFL team has scored the most points in a game this year?" Of course he studies the week by week stats that Claire prints out in order to keep him busy and quiet. I know better than to question any of his facts!