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Monday, December 15, 2008



Apparently, I am FABULOUS! Or at least my blog is. Or at least Liz from Eternal Lizdom thinks it is. And so I thought I'd mention it here.

It's really a fine line to walk between being pompous and self-loving about one's own blog and participating in the love fest that I've come to realize makes the blogosphere go 'round. I think I've missed mentioning some other blog love that I've been sent. But I decided to do this one because in addition to acknowledging the fabulousness of my own blog, I get to name five other fabulous blogs and talk about five things that I think are fabulous as well.

So here goes:

Five FABULOUS blogs you should definitely check out:
  1. Williams Family Farm - I will never again complain about my busy life with 3 kids. Lisa has 7 kiddos and lives on a farm living a life that makes me look amazingly pampered. She hasn't updated in a few weeks, but you try to raise 7 kids and blog everyday. She's got a year's worth of content for you to savor in the meantime.

  2. Noobie/What's Noo - If you've ever found yourself confounded by technology, Mr. Noobie is your go-to guy.

  3. The One-Minute Writer - Who said that brains are wasted online? (Did anyone actually say that?) Stretch your brain, and your fingertips, at this cool site.

  4. Notes from the Trenches - I try to give the blog love to unknown bloggers, like myself, but I really do love this blog. Even if I am jealous at her blog fame. Someday...

  5. The Adventures of Bittyman and IttyBitty Boy -- This blog is short and sweet. And generally just full of happiness.

Five things that I find FABULOUS:
  1. Pedicures. I don't care if I get a pedicure at a fancy day spa, where I lounge in a robe while they serve me sparkling lime water; or if it's at the Chinese place in the strip mall, where I just hike up the ankles of my jeans and wonder if they are talking about me in all their foreign chatter. Pedicures are fabulous, especially when they use that razor thing on my crusty heels (sorry, hope no one is eating).

  2. Diet Coke. In a glass. With ice. 'Nuff said.

  3. The word "blogosphere." I don't know why I love it so much, but I do. Like when I first got married, I looked for every occasion to say "my husband."

    "Can I help you find something, ma'am?"
    "Oh no, I'm just waiting for my husband."

    Except there are a lot more opportunities to say husband than blogosphere. But it's still a fabulous word.

  4. DVR. Whoever invented DVR should get a prize. All you Biggest Loser fans -- do you have yours set for tomorrow night?

  5. Snow days. Because it's 17 degrees outside and I keep thinking how awesome it would be to not have to go to work tomorrow, I definitely have to say that snow days are fabulous.
What's on your fabulous list?


Sharon said...

I think Diet Coke and the DVR are fabulous things, too.

Vicki aka Diva Mom said...

Thanks for the award! And yes, lately I'm all about short and sweet 'cause there just ain't enough hours in the day!

Ryan R. said...

Claire is positive that the Chinese pedicurists fight (in Chinese, of course!) NOT to have to do her feet. Heck, I don't like touching her feet!

I bet you have a different tone in your voice when you say "my dear husband" now compared to just after you got married!

Anonymous said...

My fabulousness wold include:

1. an afternoon nap
2. a bubble bath and a good book
3. watching my husband and son play together.
Doesn't take much!
linjenals at yahoo dot com