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Friday, December 19, 2008

I knew it!

For years, I have endured unsolicited commentary, criticism and even open hostility from the people who are supposed to love me most -- my husband, my mother, my sisters. And I sheepishly took that which they leveled at me, having no ground on which to fight their allegations.

But tonight I have proof! Proof that I am not nocturnally auditorily offensive. Proof that they are delusional. Tonight I have proof that I do NOT snore. Judge for yourself:

Amyasleep from Mike Magan on Vimeo.

The irony is that Mike shot this video (obviously in very low light) to prove that I do snore. But I didn't! I don't! I won't be made to feel guilty about supposedly keeping someone awake with my "chainsaw-like breathing" again!

Thanks, honey, for the vindication!


Lara said...

I heard a couple of soft snores at the beginning... but, it was in no way a "chain saw" snore! Hee Hee! This was cute!

Jennifer Moore said...

I'm a snor-er!! I've even woke myself up before. LOL

Anonymous said...

Amy, I'm sorry to say that I did hear a couple of snores, but I also have spent the night in the same room with you once or twice to know that you snore LOUDLY (remember Girl Scouts?). I will say however that it's not nearly as annoying as my husband's snoring!