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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10 things I learned before 6am

  1. No matter how big the bed, the small boy will find it necessary to be within 1/4" of me.
  2. I need to put pull-ups on the shopping list...and wash the sheets.
  3. The dog must sleep in her crate, otherwise when I can't sleep and get up at 4:30am, the dog will think she can, too.
  4. Not very many people are on Facebook at 5am.
  5. It is possible to sleep while walking the dog.
  6.  I can run for longer than I thought I could.
  7. It's not cool enough to wear long sleeves for a morning walk yet.
  8. I love people who have automatic sprinklers that offer a refreshing mist. The dog does not. Love those people that is. Although the dog also does not offer a refreshing mist.
  9. We're out of Diet Coke.
  10. I really should go to bed earlier.


Rebecca Jo said...

I learned this morning I'm outta Diet Coke too... can I say, PANIC was the word that came to mind!!!

Sharon Cohen said...

If I had a "My Favorite Post" of the 247 in my blog roll this morning - This would be IT! Great list - great inspiration!

Leah Beyer said...

Thanks for reminding me I am too out of pull-ups. I am inspired to do my before 6 am blog now!