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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some days

Some days, I want to come here and be funny and entertaining.
And some days I do.
But some days, even when I want to be funny, I can't find it.
Because some days my funny is buried under all the crappy.
Some days crappy feels like it's taking over.
Some days crappy kidnaps my thoughts and steals my breath.
Giving in to the crappy is called for some days.
Fighting back, making room for the happy & the funny, also happens some days.
Some days, I can't decide.
So maybe I'll do both.


Nancy C said...

Totally get it. Doesn't it feel good to write it all out?

Sharon said...

I hate then the crappy-ness takes over. It struck me while we were on our vacation last week.
Here is to better days!

Momza said...

This day has sucked the life outta me.