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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bag lady

For the past several weeks, there has been a laundry basket sitting in the entryway of my house, filled with things that belonged other places. (Thanks to my mother-in-law who passed on that piece of organizational advice.) Sunday night I decided enough was enough -- in part because the collection had grown bigger than the basket and was spilling over onto the floor.

So I started sorting through what was gathered there. I threw away a fair amount; made a Goodwill pile; a take to work pile and piles for each member of the family. My pile turned out to be a bag pile. I had no idea I had so many bags.

There was the collapsible carry-all bag:


The old L.L. Bean handprint beach bag:


A couple of free-with-makeup-purchase bags from Mike's grandmother. The striped one went with me to the Dominican Republic:
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And an awesome 1-strap Mustard Sprout backpack that is perfect for trips to the zoo or other places I need to carry a bunch of stuff but still want to be hands-free:

Finding all those bags told me two things about myself:
  1. I like red.
  2. I like bags. I think that has something to do with the fact that no matter what size I am, bags always fit. And they hold a lot of stuff, which I tend to collect.
Bet someone could do quite a psychological evaluation with those bits of info.

So, are you a bag lady? Big bags? Small bags? Or are you a minimalist and just carry a small wallet with your id and credit card? Is the number of bags you own directly proportional to the number of children you have? Do you fellas carry a man-bag? Inquiring minds want to know...


Joanie said...

Maybe I'll do a bag post tomorrow. I'm stuck at home because my car is getting a new door handle. I have my fair share too!! (I better get fresh batteries for my camera)

Shauna said...

I looooove bags. I'm currently looking for a new "every day" bag, but am hesitating because I'm not sure what to do about bags when the baby comes. I'm thinking of just getting a nice HUGE purse and using it as a sort of combo diaper bag/purse thing.

I just donated a bunch of my bags to goodwill, though, because I'm in this crazy stage of nesting where I get rid of things. Ha.

Momza said...

I hadn't thought about this until right now--
My name is Momza, and I'm a Bag-A-holic.
I have bags from BIG DOG, Harrods, REI, Lands End, Barbie, Target, BYU,
Whole Foods, and that's just a start.
They are all different in colors and sizes.
Now that I've taken the first step to recognizing my problem, what can I do to cure it?

Katie said...

I love bags, especially red bags. It has even gotten so bad that I now sew my own bags!

The magazine "Quilts and More" has been my go-to source for patterns for new bags.