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Sunday, August 22, 2010

No kissing

Robbie and Annie have always been especially close. I like to think it's because they share a birthday. However, in recent weeks, he has had a short fuse when it comes to his sister. He doesn't want her to hug him. Saying he's cute is an offense worthy of severe punishment.

PhotobucketPersonal boundaries must have been on Robbie's mind tonight at church. He leaned over to me and asked me how to spell "kissing." I told him and watched as he started to write something on a piece of paper. Here was his finished product:

When I showed it to Annie, she -- of course -- leaned over and kissed him on the head. In retaliation, he reached up to my ear and whispered, "Tell Annie she is grounded from Justin Bieber for the rest of the day!"

This kid means business.

Don't forget to join me in the 4th Frog Fab 40 Fest where you can help celebrate my birthday by helping someone else. Between now and Friday, do one random act of kindness for someone else and let me know about it. I'll share all my "gifts" in one wrap-up post. Get the details here.


Eternal Lizdom said...


Have to tell you... I watched the YouTube video of your cake and candles... and felt horrible for the guy but had to laugh a bit, too. :)

I'm working on it- your 40th project. Hoping to get it done by Friday but the plan is just starting to form...

Emily said...

I think you are in for a long stage of "no kissing", until maybe...age 18, when he will go away to college and appreciate his family! So cute!