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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I had intended for this to be a fragmentous post, but it's already Saturday where I live. Maybe because it is still Friday for two more hours in some parts of the U.S., Mrs. 4444s will let me sneak this one in. In fact, that could be her random act of kindness.

Mommy's Idea

Speaking of which...I've extended the deadline for 4th Frog's Fab 40 Fest until Sunday. If you want to participate, please feel free. Let me know either via a comment here or on the Facebook page or e-mail me at 4thfrog70 (at) gmail (dot) com. I've got some great random acts to share with you. For those of you who are a bit shy about sharing what you've done, please know that on Sunday when I wrap up the Fab 40 Fest, I'll just list the acts, not the people who did them.

In other bits of randomness:
  • I am happy to report that it's been a great start to the school year. Robbie, especially, is doing particularly well. I've had several staff members at the school comment to me about how much he's matured. That feels good!
  • I think I broke my foot. Or I have gout. Or maybe a touch of hypochondria. But whatever it is, my foot hurts from the bottom of my big toe to about midway on the top of my foot. Not in an excruciating way, more in an annoying way.
  • Our cat Dungy is missing. We last saw him on Saturday morning. We've left food out for him, but he's not come back for it. Seeing as I always assume the worst, I think he might have become coyote food. But we haven't hung any "missing cat" signs yet, so maybe there's still hope? Or maybe he just decided the house wasn't big enough for both him and the dog?
  • Let's talk about stress and food. Do you feed your stress with Dunkin' Donuts, McD's french fries, Chipotle burritos, brownies, honey nut Cheerios, baked Cheetos and other junk? Or are you one of those "I can't eat b/c I'm stressed out" kind of people? Guess which one I am. I think I need to go on a carrot and ice water cleanse.
  • You know you have to click a link that promises to tell The Secret Life of Boobies. Go ahead, click it. It's safe.The worst that thing that could happen is that you might wet yourself laughing at Nancy C's description of a breastfeeding support group.
For my last TGI-S fragment, I'll leave you with this: Sometimes when I blow my nose, air leaks out my right eye. Is that weird? Does it happen to anyone else?

Have a terrific weekend, people!


kimybeee said...

so you blow your nose and you have an eyeball air leak? are you afraid that the pressure may blow your eyeball out??? lol lol

cats are cats are cats. i have tons of cats and i have had them go missing and be gone forever and then they show up. maybe he is sitting out the preseason and is waiting for the indy season opener to come home?

as for the stress eating thing - i have anxiety issues that cause me not to want anything (including regular food at normal intervals) if something is really bothering me. if i am just regularly stressed, i don't think food is an issue for me.

you better have your foot checked - it can morph into something horrible and very hard to manage if it is broken and it is untreated.

good job robbie - hope this is the start of the best school year ever!!!!!!

Nancy said...

You don't have gout. My husband has it. It is excruciating pain--can't put pressure on your foot at all. Our doc and pharmacist compared gout to childbirth!

I hope Dungy comes home soon!

Beth said...

I think Dungy is just still mad at you for bringing home a dog. A few years back when our cat was still on this earth, he got out of the house. At 13, he had never experienced the great outdoors and I didn't have high hopes of him surviving. I spread the word to some neighbors, put up fliers, and after 2 weeks of no word finally gave up hope. I then get a phone call from someone who thinks that perhaps they have my ended up being a neighbor a few doors down. The cat had snuck into their garage and was trying to make a bed out of something in there. The scratching noise scared the owner half to death but she began feeding him so he stuck around. It was a fluke another neighbor spotted him and realized whose cat it was! So don't give up hope yet, cats are resilient buggers.