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Monday, August 16, 2010

Nice to meetcha

One thing that I quickly learned about the blogosphere is that linking makes the blogs go 'round.

Of course, there's the blogroll over there on the right (which really needs to be updated to add some more blogs worth reading). But I also try to link to other blogs when I read something I really enjoy or when I refer to other bloggers as part of a particular post.

Recently, I've been really lucky to be on the receiving end of the linking.
Mostly, I blog for me. But it sure does feel good to have other people think my time blogging is time well spent.

So if you're here from Beth's, Mrs. 4444s', or Doreen's site, welcome! So nice to have you here -- hope you'll come back often. And be sure to check out the links to my blogging friends above.


Fiorella said...

I appreciated your mention last week, and even referenced it with a link in my post earlier today! You made my day!