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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, this is awkward...

Right after I posted Currency Crunch, her blogness the Queen of Free posted a guest post I wrote on making private school more affordable.

Compared to the Queen of Free and her compatriot, Bargain Briana, and likely lots of you who read the 4th Frog Blog, I am a virtual infant when it comes to saving money and snagging good deals. But thanks to the two of them and my own desire make a change in the way we handle our money, I'm making strides in the right direction.

I'm strategically using coupons with regularity. I'm comparison shopping via online ads. I'm socking away gift cards from Swagbucks to use for Christmas shopping. And when I can, I'm passing along what I'm learning.

Which is why it's ok that I have a money-saving guest post up at the Queen of Free. It's what I know about how to make private education affordable and I'm happy to share it. Check it out, tune in tomorrow for part 2, and leave your suggestions for ideas I may have left out.


Momza said...

Okay, I just have one question:
Why do people still pay for private education?
We have great public schools here in the Springs, so that I can't imagine having to pay for their education--
what am I missing?
I have a sister-in-law who sent her son to a private, expensive religious school, and complained all thru his school years about the expense--but said it was his "soul" she was saving by not putting him in public school. He's graduated now and is the kind of kid I wouldn't let my kids hang out with--he's a hot mess...foul-mouthed, tattoo-covered, pierced face, drinking, smokin', you-name-it-goin-nowhere-Mess.
I just look at her and wonder if she thinks her investment turned any profit?
Maybe a better question is:
What are the goals with private education?
Oops, I just asked three questions.

Amy said...

@Momza - I just started to reply to you, but it was getting long so I'm gonna reply in a whole new post. Good question(s)!