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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Biggest Loser: Career Planning

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Every week I watch the Biggest Loser for entertainment and for inspiration. This week, the show gave me something more. It gave me some career direction.

After a few minutes of reaction to last week's vote in which Sione and Filipe tried to toss Ron overboard, the show pretty quickly moved to a food tempation which turned into a feeding frenzy. There were 100 covered trays. On each tray was either a high calorie snack, Extra sugar-free gum (sorry for the commercial!) coupled with cash, and under one tray was a golden ticket. This ticket gave the finder the one and only vote at this week's elimination.

My career a-ha came as I was watching the contestants eating cupcakes, big pretzels, donuts and potato chips. Suddenly, I knew -- this is my calling! I could be the pinch eater for contestants on the Biggest Loser. Kind of like a body double, but only a digestive double. Think anyone will go for it?

Anyway, back to the show. Laura gets the one vote of the week. She wants Tara to gain weight to throw the weigh in. Tara is not so sure.

Filipe and Tara both looked crappy after they ate all that junk. Tara alone ate 4,600 calories!. For all the times they've shown Tara puking, I'm surprised we didn't see it tonight.

Jillian and Bob are major PO'd when they walk into the gym and see the carnage from the temptation. Jillian said, "Eating in this gym where you lost all that weight -- it's like desecrating the place!"

Is it bad that I was amused at how Bob and Jillian talked about how they were going to "bust these contestants up!" as punishment for all the food they ate?

Fast-forwarded through the Subway commercial and on to the Rose Bowl challenge. Boys vs. Girls, running up and down the stairs at the Rose Bowl Stadium. 2,156 stairs in all -- and I thought Stone Mountain was rough.

Tara and Sione finished first. Their prize? They got to do it AGAIN! Why would you even want to win that? Two weeks at some fitness spa? Not sure that'd be worth it for me to do 2,000+ stairs again. Not surprisingly, Tara won. I bet Sione is sick of losing to Tara, who is actually growing on me again.

This week was oozing with gameplay. Helen tried to get inside Laura's head and plant the seed about sending Tara home. Mike was so crazy about getting Sione and Filipe back for voting against Ron last week that he kind of scared me.

Tara only lost 3 pounds, which secured Ron's spot in the house for next week. She insisted that she didn't do it on purpose, but lots of people, including Jillian, weren't so sure.

At the end of the weigh-in, Helen and Sione were below the yellow line and it was up to Laura to send one of them home. But before the vote, they showed Filipe and Sione doing a Tongan warrior dance. It's probably not politically correct to laugh, but I sure was.

I wasn't laughing, though, when Laura voted Sione off. It was the vote that was in Tara's best interest, but perhaps not Laura's. Only time will tell.

Don't miss next week -- it's makeover night!


Joanie said...

Pinch eater, huh? Even I couldn't eat all the junk they ate tonight!
(by the way, I'm having my last hurrah... cheetohs and oatmeal raisin cookies tonight. New meds start tomorrow)

I don't know how Laura is pulling these big numbers every week! They certainly aren't showing her busting her behind.

Tara looked shocked when Laura told her to gain weight this week to be on the bottom 2! I think she's too much of a competitor to do that. She wants to win too badly and she shows it with each challenge.

The gloves are certainly coming off now between Ron and the Tongan cousins! And Ron was right! He's the one who won't leave. I can't imagine him being the biggest loser though.

So Felipe and Sione have taken over the crybaby spots from Aubrey and Mandy.

And Helen got shaken up for the first time. She's going to be the next target. She's getting too close to goal to be kept around much longer. She certainly DID use major gameplay to get inside Laura's head. And it worked... this time.

Either Sione or Helen leaving was OK by me. I'm not a fan of either one of them.

I think when this is all said and done, the last 3 standing will be Mike, Tara and Kristin. And I think Kristin has been the most honest so far.

Momza said...

Career Counsellors always say to Choose Something You Love and it'll never seem like Work!
SO you got my vote on this one! Pinch away!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a career! I guess Laura found out that having the only vote wasn't as much fun as she had thought. Not sorry to see Sione gone. Hope that Ron and Felipe are next.

Michelle said...

"For all the times they've shown Tara puking, I'm surprised we didn't see it tonight." Ditto!
"I bet Sione is sick of losing to Tara, who is actually growing on me again." Yeah, me too. I actually was cheering her on with my 6yr old daughter, who loves her for some reason. Now if she'd been competing against Kristen, no way. I'd love to see her win!

Oh, and my 6yr old was so cute. She was yelling at the contestants to stop eating all of the junk. LOL!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Why am I getting bored with this show this season? I can say the smartest contestant would have not eaten a thing and let all of the others eat thousands of calories! I guess there weren't any smart ones. Isn't the goal to stay above the yellow line? Can't go home if your above it!