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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Biggest Loser: Makeover Week

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This was makeover week! But before the contestants could set foot in a salon, they had to get past the zipline challenge.

This was not like just pushing off and whizzing across a canyon. They had to walk their way across wires stretching over a 10-story high canyon. Any thoughts I ever had about wanting to be on the Biggest Loser just went out the window -- or more like spiraled down the canyon. All I could think is "don't look down!"

Like every other challenge,Tara totally dominated and Ron quit before he barely got started.

Then it was time for the makeovers. I found myself getting frustrated with Helen and her weepiness in Macy's. I'm sure that's not fair of me, but that's how I felt. Speaking of Helen, her dh looks so young. Like he could be her son. And come on? Were any of them really surprised that their loved ones were there? We all know that a family member is there at the end of the makeover.

Someone needs to teach Tara how to walk like a lady -- she came trucking down those stairs like a linebacker in a dress.

Filipe in the burgundy velvet jacket -- his coat matched his wife's hair! His face looked so much thinner with his hair cut close to his head.

Kristin -- I was disappointed with her dress. It was too matronly -- and black. I know she still has some size on her, but black is the last color I would have picked for Kristin.

Laura wins the makeover prize in my opinion. The dark hair totally rocks!

Ron lookin' like a naked mole rat without his beard. But like a good naked mole rat. The beard-free look is good on him.

Mike looked like someone I'd let my daughter date, when she is MUCH older of course.

I felt really bad for Mike's brother Max. I think it's gonna be hard for him. I kind of felt like Mike's words to Max about losing weight were empty and had an air of arrogance about them. And let's face it, unless he gets on the show himself, there's no way Max is going to lose 100+ pounds in 15 weeks, which will be frustrating to him.

After all the reveals, the contestants and their family members watched video clips from the beginning of the season. The changes in the past 15 weeks are pretty unbelievable!

Back at the ranch, the last chance workout was on the agenda. Bob was crazy! Jillian pushed her team hard too, but she didn't seem as desperate as Bob did.

At the weigh-in, Mike broke the all-time, most weight lost on campus tonight -- 145 pounds in 15 weeks! Kristin and Laura both fell below the yellow line, Kristin losing 2 pounds and Laura gaining 3.

Laura has a microfracture in her hip. That is scary! She can't do any exercise that causes her pain and can't really bear any weight on her leg. I do feel bad for her. Seems like maybe the pool would come in handy now.

I can't imagine how anyone could vote Kristin out, based solely on the fact that staying on the ranch could be dangerous for Laura. But Kristin is the bigger threat of the two, so from a gameplay standpoint, Kristin is in the crosshairs. However, stranger things have happened on this show.

Tara and Helen voted to send Kristin home. Ron and Mike voted to send Laura. The deciding vote was Filipe's -- and he voted to send Laura home, which I think was absolutely the right thing. I really hope she is able get her hip healed and continue her new healthy habits. I think if it were me, I would be tempted to cope with the injury with ice cream!

Sending Laura home also evened out the teams -- 3 players left on Bob's team, 3 players left on Jillian's. Next week should be interesting.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I would have been furious if they had kept Laura! So glad they didn't. Sending her home was the only fair thing to do, and I was actually hoping she would have requested it because of it being the fair thing. I did feel horrible for Laura, but poor Kristin didn't need to be sent home while someone who can't take advantage of the workouts got to stay.

So surprised that you didn't mention Ron's scar comment... was I wrong about you??

Joanie said...

I had to work tonight, training a new server, so I didn't get home until a little past 9 pm.

The make-overs were very nice... I saw absolutely no change in Tara or Helen with regards to a makeover. The guys all looked good and Laura looked terrific!

I was glad they sent Laura home... she's getting a much better workout with therapists than she could with Jilllian and Bob. Safer too.

Kristin needs to watch her back from now on! She now knows for certain that she's a target!

I think the last 3 standing are still going to be Mike, Tara and either Kristin or Helen. I think it will come down to Mike or Tara and I can so see Mike taking it all in the end.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they change the rules-if you fall below the yellow line because you gained weight,you go home. No gut wrenching begging/pleading to stay.
Do you think Tara voted for Laure to stay because she doesn't see her as a big threat like Kristin?

Beth Zimmerman said...

I absolutely despise Helen. How she could look at those early pictures of herself and Shannon and not regret the fact that she stomped on her daughter to stay on the ranch is beyond me! Shudder! The woman belongs back with Vicki and Heba!

My heart broke for Max. Did you catch that he is only 17? Poor kid! And now he has to live with not just being a fat kid in a hostile environment (High School) but being the big one at home too! Yes Mike and Ron can help him when they get home but the one thing we all know about weight loss is that no one else can do it for you! Not to mention the fact that without personal trainers, athletic trainers, nutrition counseling and 6 - 8 hours daily of exercise it's not coming off that fast!

Laura? Really hope she stays a red-head! Far better color for her than blonde!

Agree with you totally about Kristin's makeover outfit! What was that? And her hair wasn't too impressive either! But I love the girl! Hope she wins the whole bloomin thing! (Mike's my other favorite.)

Suppose I ought to actually do some work now.

LOVE your blog!

Jessica McCoy said...

I think I had tears the whole episode which really didn't help since I was trying to put on my makeup this morning!

Laura DEFINATELY looks much better as a red head. She looked really good when they showed her at home!

I like Tara (most of the time) but I was really hoping that Filipe would win that challenge. And Helen should have gone home last week. I really can't stand her!