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Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is risen, but I am barely awake

4:35am. That's what time Robbie started asking, "Mom! Mom! Can we go find our Easter baskets?" (Note to my own mother: Stop laughing. I know what you are thinking about paybacks.)

Holy hoppin' rabbits, kid, go back to sleep! But no...every 15 (or 10 or 5) minutes, it was more of the same..."Mom! Can we go do Easter now?!"

I held them off until about 5:55am. Then by the time I went to the bathroom, had a good stretch, turned on the lights, it was about 6am, which sounds at least a little more sane.

Robbie was the first to find his basket, hidden behind the blanket chest in the family room. Charlie found his next on the bookshelves. Annie's was in the living room on top of the bookcase, behind the globes. Finally, I found ours next to the couch.

As usual, E.B. did not disappoint. There were mini cans of soda and packs of sugar-free bubble gum, Reese's peanut butter eggs and marshmallow Peeps.

There was an iguana puzzle for Robbie, though it was the small chocolate bunny that got his attention. See the evidence on his face?


Charlie got a Vortex something or other football "autographed" by Peyton Manning. I didn't have the heart to tell him the signature was mass-produced:


Probably the best surprise was that the Easter Bunny found Annie's Nintendo DS that has been missing since November! (Thanks Aunt Betsy for the help!)


Oh, and the Twilight SweetTarts were a hit as well.

Twilight sweettarts

In the midst of all the fun, Charlie, who is proving to be a sensitive kid, said something akin to "Daddy is missing out." I haven't said it here before, but Mike is not living at home right now. So I suggested we give him a call. It was about 6:19am.

He was sleepy, but glad to share in the Easter festivities by phone anyway. He'll be here later this afternoon and we'll all go to the 6pm Mass together.

After we hung up with Mike, I put a kibbosh on the candy eating and put all the baskets on the fireplace, declaring it the "no eating zone."


I know, who am I kidding? The only way to keep them from devouring the candy is to lock it away. But I think I am subscribing to the "eat it all and get it over with" theory.

The breakfast menu was cinnamon rolls, hard boiled eggs and smoked sausages. Now we're vegging out and watching Nim's Island. Love that movie!

Looks like it's going to be a pretty day. Hope it is where you are. Of course, regardless of the weather, Easter Sunday is a glorious day, indeed!


Annie said...

Happy Easter! Great pics of the kids. Cute baskets, too!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Things ok with Mike? e-mail me anytime... if you need me or whatever...

Great pics!

Joanie said...

Happy Easter! and from someone who's been there, feel free to email me if you feel the need to talk or vent or unload. I'll be glad to give you my number. hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying that all is ok with you and Mike. Holler if you need to talk. We need to catch up any way, so drop me a line or give me a call.

Momza said...

So I was teaching SS today...a class full of 7/8 year olds...who were so hopped up on jelly beans and chocolate bunnies I thought about calilng it quits half-way into my 50 minute teaching period.
Which is why the Great Easter Bunny comes to our house on Friday night!!! Love the pic of the chocolate-faced boy! Too cute! Glad you got some time with the whole familia! Happy Easter Amy!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I love Charlie's face! Too funny! I hope everything is okay with the hubby! (((HUGS)))