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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thumbs up Thursday!

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Ok, after yesterday's barf blog -- thanks to those of you who made it through that -- I'm feeling the need to post something lighter, airy, happier. So here goes.

Happy News #1: Got the all clear on my repeat mammogram. What they thought they saw was apparently some twisted blood vessels.

Happy News #2: The sun has finally made it's way to Indiana! It's not ultra-warm, but it is sunny with clear blue skies.

Happy News #3: Momza made a lovely post the other day about cactus blooms. I've been meaning to share it and what better time than Thumbs up Thursday?!

Happy News # 4: Maybe you've already seen this, but I just saw it for the first time today. Graying, chubby 47-year old Scot named Susan Boyle auditions for Britain's Got Talent. The set up leads you to believe she'll be terrible. Then she starts to sing and what comes out of her mouth is unbelievable! What I enjoyed more than the singing was the sincere and astounded reactions of the judges -- including Simon Cowell. Check it out here.

How about you? Got any happy news you want to share?


Sharon said...

Yay for sunshine! It's sunny here, too. I am so relieved!! Not above 60, but perfect, imo.

I'm so glad your mammogram turned out OK.

Happy News here? I get to walk outside today. :) The Office is on tonight, and we're having a good dinner. That's all I've got! ;)

Amy said...

@Sharon -- And that's plenty!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

So glad you got good news on the mammogram.

That Susan Boyle lady is awesome. The first time I seen the video it had 3 million hits. I went back less than 24 hours later and it had 9 million hits! Isn't that insane?