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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A date with John Denver


It's been raining here for about three days, leaving me feeling melancholy and tired. So tonight after dinner seemed the perfect time to fire up the PBS special on John Denver that I DVR'd the other night.

Now, I know what you're thinking. John Denver? John Denver?!

In my own defense, I think I've always been an old soul. Either that or I just imprinted on my parents extremely well. Or I'm just a nerd at heart. I was the kid who called up WING radio in Dayton to complain when they switched from a talk format to top 40s. I cut my teeth on the Carpenters.

So tonight, I was in the mood for a little John Denver. My children, however, were not.

As soon as Denver's shaggy-haired, bespectacled self appeared on the screen singing "Calypso," there were protests.

"Mom! Not this! I want to watch Transformers," Robbie argued.

"That guy has dorky glasses," observed Charlie. I assured him that he would be wearing different glasses in a few minutes.

"Is this what you and your friends used to listen to?" Annie wanted to know. I told her that I really didn't listen to or talk about music with my friends. She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. A minute later, she retreated upstairs.

With Annie gone, Robbie laid on the floor whining about not wanting to watch John Denver and hollering "Not this song again!" for about four different songs.

Charlie, however, watched somewhat intently. I thought I might have another old soul on my hands, or at least someone who appreciated John Denver like I do. Denver appeared on the screen in a different concert venue, indeed wearing circular, wire-framed glasses this time.

"Is that the same guy?" Charlie asked.


"His glasses are still dorky."

By now, I was ignoring Robbie and enjoying "Annie's Song." Charlie was still watching and listening and apparently getting past the whole eyewear thing. After "Annie's Song" was "Sunshine on My Shoulders," which got this reaction from Robbie:

"This movie is gonna make me throw up. It's giving me a headache."

He didn't throw up and Charlie and I continued to watch as Denver belted out "Rocky Mountain High" and "Thank God, I'm a Country Boy." Charlie actually seemed to be enjoying himself -- and John Denver.

"Do you like this music?" I asked him. "We could download some for your iPod," I offered.

"No," he said quite matter of factly and without hesitation.

Well, maybe I'll download some for my iPod.


Mel said...

OMG, I love John Denver! I would so have been on the floor...head resting on my hands with my elbows and body stretched out on the floor totally glued to the TV...let me know...we can have a John Denver fest...I'm game :)

Mel said...

PS...I think PW loves him as well...we could make it a party!

Anonymous said...

Country Roads, Take me Home, To a plaaaaace, I beloooooong....
That's our "family song"! We could be related, you know. :-)

Annie said...

I love John Denver too! My parents love him and had "Annie's Song" played at their wedding, not knowing that just a few years later they would have an Annie of their own. :-)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

So sorry, but I never liked John Denver even when John Denver was popular! Too funny to hear your kids expressions!

Joanie said...

I always liked John Denver.

Momza said...

I saw John in concert in bff and I stood and waited for him after the concert by his limo. When he came out, there were about 8 of us waiting. He was gracious and personable. He also wreaked of alcohol, I could've gotten drunk off the fumes! lol
But, really what a great entertainer. I listen to him all the time...infact, he's what's playing on my MYSPACE page. yeah, I have one of those
Great Post!

Lisa T said...

oh, I didn't know it was on! I usually watch those concerts on PBS. My college friends and I use to play his albums (YES, ALBUMS) in our dorm rooms.

Marine Wife said...

His uncle was my junior high principal. seriously.

Lori said...

I love John Denver! I've seen that PBS special several times before and I will never get tired of it. His songs are beautiful, simple, and uplifting. Always puts me in a good mood. I'm a lot older than you, but it is nice to see that he is appreciated by many generations. (even the little guys may one day come around) :)

Eternal Lizdom said...



Micah and Emily said...

Believe it or not, OUR SONG is Annie's song by John Denver...Micah and I have been fans for years...go figure!

Mom Julie said...

Amy, What do you want to bet that Charlie was watching every move of John Denver so HE could use some of the same moves and expressions the next time he plays Guitar Hero!

Amy said...

@Mom Julie -- LOL! You are probably totally right!