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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Biggest Loser: Down to the Final Four

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Maybe it's because I wish Kristin was still there. Maybe it's because I'm PO'd that Ron is. Maybe it's because I'm just cynical and glass is half-empty, but tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser put me in a bad mood.

I know in my head this is a game. I know it's all about the money. But I hate this. It's creepy and manipulative and Ron is a big fat (pun intended) liar, lying straight to Bob's face saying he had nothing to do with Mike's choice to vote Kristin out.

It irritates me that Ron is still there -- even more than I'm irritated that Helen is there. I mean Ron flat out quit or didn't even start how many challenges? How many times was Ron in the bottom two? That man is a master manipulator -- which could likely give him a share of $250,000.

It was irritating how they kept saying "it only took 17 weeks!" "We did this in 17 weeks." "17 weeks ago, I couldn't do a push up."

Yes, in 17 weeks, so many of them have lost 100 pounds or more. So many of them have become real athletes. But they worked out 8+ hours a day. They had controlled food at their disposal. How many people in the real world could do that?

Do you really believe that Tara and Helen had those clothes in their closets forever and just brought them just in case? Did all they have to bring "goal outfits?"

This was the last week on the ranch, which seemed to come as a shock to the players left in the game. Filipe knew everyone left at the ranch is gunning for him.

Much of the show was spent looking back at how far they've all come. We got to see pics of most of their big bellies and then what they look like now. At least they didn't show us Ron's outsides -- we got to see his insides, which was actually pretty cool.

The last challenge of the contest was to run over 16 sand hills carrying weight equivalent to what they've lost on the ranch. At each hill, they got to drop as much weight as they did in the corresponding week on the ranch.

The winner of the challenge could choose $10,000 or a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in. The 2nd place finisher got whichever prize the winner doesn't take.

I know some people don't like Filipe. But how can you not when he said to Tara as she passed him -- "You're doing great Tara. You can do this."

And she did -- win the challenge handily, that is. My guess was that she would take the 1 pound advantage this time, since she took the $$ last time.

Ron was at the top of the week 6 hill, when Mike went back to help him. Filipe also joined him to help out. (See what a great guy he is?)

Then it was time for the last chance workout -- but guess what? It was Train the Trainer day! So Bob and Jillian got put through the paces by their contestants. For almost the first time in the episode, I found myself smiling.

Of course there really was a last chance workout and it was fierce. It's hard to really tell because of the editing. But it seems like Jillian's people did more cardio than Bob's. I wonder if that's really the way it is?

Weigh in...
Before the weigh in, Allison asked Mike if he thought he still has the game in the bag. He said he "Last week I knew I could win. This week, I hope I can."

When asked if she thinks she can win it, Tara very wisely (and I think honestly) said, "It doesn't matter -- I've won my life back."

Tara chose the 1 pound advantage as her prize for winning the challenge.

Ron was the first to weigh in -- he lost 9 pounds -- 3.02% of his total weight. Then it was Filipe's turn: he lost 10 pounds (4.10%)! Mike's upset was pretty veiled, but it was there. Ron was gritting his teething behind his forced smile.

Helen was up next. She needed 4 pounds to hit the 100 pound mark. She had to lose 7 pounds to stay in the final 4...and she did. Darn it. I was also bugged that Jillian kept making a big deal about Helen being 48 years old, like that's ancient or something.

Tara and Mike were left to weigh in. Mike was worried that he and Ron would be below the yellow line together. I was worried that they wouldn't be.

Mike stepped on the scale and they cut to the commercial break after they show a bunch of shocked faces, which totally told me that Mike lost the 10 pounds he needed to. Yep. He lost freakin' 11 pounds. I know I should be happy for him. But he's part of the evil brown empire (not as evil as last season's brown team of course).

Tara, who has never been below the yellow line, needs more than 6 pounds, which she of course gets and then 2 more. Again, Mike's disappointment is visible.

So it's Ron and Filipe below the yellow line. There's really no question who will not make the final four. Filipe -- I love you man!

Ron played the "keep me b/c I'm not a threat" card. Filipe begged to stay because he wanted the accomplishment. He tells them "to be the best, you gotta beat the best." That might speak to Tara, but ultimately I think she'll go the easy route.

Filipe was all gentleman when he was voted off. He spoke of not being sad, of being blessed, of being an inspiration. Tara herself looked inspired. I wish we could have seen who she voted for, even though it didn't matter.

The final four will all go home for 30 days. Then they will return for one more weigh in before the finale.

They showed Filipe's homecoming. He's got quite a job ahead of him, creating a change among the Tongan people -- the welcome home feast was fried chicken, potato salad. He's offering an exercise class at his house once a week. He sure had those folks sweating!

Two more weigh ins. Of the four finalists, I sure hope Tara wins the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

This is sweet!! Couldn't have been better! Now let's see America get to vote this time, with Ron under the yellow! He will go home, Mike and Helen will take 2nd and 3rd, and Tara will win in two weeks!

Joanie said...

For the first time in a long time, Helen was not on my nerves. Neither was Filipe, which surprised me.

It's funny how often we can change our minds about different people from week to week. I have, on alternating weeks, not liked each one of the final 5.

I think, of everyone who is there now, Tara DESERVES to win The Biggest Loser. She stayed above the yellow line the entire time and was the only one to do so. She won the last 6 challenges in a row! Tara never made any coalitions except for with her own teammate.

I liked Filipe this week. This was a first for me in a long time. He was focused on himself and was not trying to distract the other players to gain an advantage for himself (which ultimately never worked anyway). I think Filipe was correct when he said they were taking the easier player to beat by keeping Ron there. Actually my respect for Filipe seems to be back.

It's going to be very interesting to see how they all fare being on their own for a month and getting weighed again. I have a feeling that Ron and Mike just might fall back to old habits. Possibly even Helen.

I'm saying this from my own experience. I lost a lot of weight back in 1989-90. I was working out daily. I swore I'd never get back to where I was. Then I got pregnant and have been struggling every since. I lost again a few years ago, got back into regular size clothes. Swore I'd never gain the weight. I'm now 10 pounds more than I was when I started the weight loss/work outs back in 2003. I think, of everyone, Tara will keep it off.

I hope, next week, we see a good weight loss with Tara and Filipe. And in the finale, I hope Tara wins and Filpe gets 2nd place. I'm done with the brown team.

Joanie said...

Doesn't 2nd place ($100,00) only go to one of the players who has been sent home?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I know you don't want Mike to win, but I can't help but to see MY son in him. My son struggles with weight issues (maybe not to the extent of Mike) and there are only a few years between them. I am rooting for Mike. What a changed life this boy will have who has never been thin before, and to have it at an age where he can surely enjoy it. Plus, in all honestly, I probably would have played it the same if I were in their shoes. Well, except I would have admitted it.

And you know I am not a huge Ron fan, but to be able to do what he did with his broke down body is amazing to me. I deal with back pain that keeps me from working out or even getting up at times. I know first hand how hard it is when you hurt so dang bad. Ron didn't do this for himself either. He did it for his son, and for that I can totally understand! A parents love... ah nothing like it!

And wow have these people lost some weight!! They look awesome!! I can't wait to see the others when they come back on! Can't wait to see Daniel!

Deby said...

I have to admit, I came here before the show ended California time. I saw the weigh-in and figured it would be Felipe they voted off, so coming here only confirmed that.

It hasn't been said, and I'm not a Mike and Ron fan, but they were the only team that stayed intact and neither on of the two ever went home.

After Helen weighed in Jillian made the comment about Helen being on the pink team. Last two winners have been female from the pink team.

I think I'll be rooting for Tara in two weeks. She never went home or fell below the yellow line.

Should be interesting! And I guess I'll be watching an NBA playoff game next Tuesday night......Lakers, if it's their night to play!

Momza said...

This was interesting to read since I don't watch the show (except for those back-to-back reruns in February where everyone was so nice)--but you wrote a couple of things that have stuck out in my noggin, so here ya go:
In 17 weeks they dropped 100 pounds by purposeful exercise and a controlled diet.
That is amazing!!!!!!! I can have a "controlled" diet--I'm the one who does the grocery shopping around here and 99% of the cooking. The thought alone is empowering. And with my new walking program and awesome new puppy that I hope walks me like Jillian's evil twin sister someday, I can get off my bahooey and put more effort into my health instead of dwelling on the many reasons I don't.
These people have been GIVEN an opportunity millions of us will never get--but what inspires me is their Before & After pics--they started out bigger than me, with more weight to lose--and I LOVE that they mentioned one gal was 48 years old! that's how old I am--so it helps me to squash the idea that I'm too old to lose weight.

Of course, their motivation is money-based as well as the physical, but like the one gal said, she got her life back. I want that feeling too.

Great Post today Amy!

Joanie said...

Momza, we could ALL drop weight in numbers like that if all we did for 8 hours a day is exercise. The real tricky part is going to be when they go back to the real world and try to continue to lose weight and then maintain it.

A little while ago, I happened to have Oprah on, and she had the winner of the first biggest loser as a guest. He gained back HALF of the weight he lost!!! He was in the process of losing it again, but the reality is, it didn't stay off because he wasn't working out like before and not eating like before.

I'd like to see Heba and Vickie and their husbands now to see how they fared. (the meannness in me is secretly hoping they're all fat again. they were a hateful group!)

Michelle said...

Go Tara (sad about Filipe now). Bring down Brown!

And Michelle from last season was black team I thought...

Anonymous said...

I hope Ron stays and Mike goes home. I don't think Ron will care if Ron goes home, Mike has enabled him the whole time. I'm grouchy about it too! I just really loved Kristen. I wasn't a Filipe fan until he said what he said to Tara. Such a good guy.

dapscott said...

At least Ron is looking out for his son. Whatever editing is done to make us act like lemmings towards certain players, Helen still chose to stay over her daughter - sick.