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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Biggest Loser: Cowards & Weasels

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Gonna make this quick tonight.

The coward (that's me!)
Nope. Never. No way would I get in those bird cages suspended 45 feet above the ground. Where are the liability lawyers on this show?

Winner gets $10K or a 1 pound advantage at the weigh-in.

Going UP! Holding on to one rope, supporting total weight. My palms are getting sweaty as I sit on my couch.

Lots of praying going on up there -- "Oh my God!"

Mike gave up b/c he was afraid of the height. It's 28 degrees outside -- aren't they in California?!

Ron and Tara look totally cool. Filipe talking trash to get some others to lose focus. It works on Ron. And then it backfired on Filipe.

Tara, Kristin and Helen all left. Then just Helen and Tara. I think Tara might be one of the Borg or some other species of super alien who has come to take over the earth.

I'm tired of hearing Tara acting all surprised at winning. "Oh, I didn't think I had a chance!" That's like the valedictorian of my high school class (who is a friend of mine and who I love dearly) swearing that she KNOWS she just failed that test.

The infommercial
The nutrition information throughout the show was really interesting and informative. A reminder that it's possible to have too few calories and fat, as well as too many. Of course, it ultimately turned into an infommercial for the BL designer whey protein.

The last chance workouts
The last chance workouts were crazy intense and if they had happened in a sorority house instead of a designer gym, they probably would have been considered hazing.

I totally would have laughed if Mike had clocked Jillian in the head!

Mike talked with his dad about he let his boys get so fat. "Why wasn't enough enough?" Mike wanted to know. Why does it click with some people and not with others? -- that's what I want to know.

The weigh in
Tara had a choice -- $10,000 or a 1-pound advantage for winning the challenge. She went for the money! Then Allison gave her a chance to change her mind, as she is standing on the scale. But she stuck with the money again.

She lost five pounds, so it looks like she made a decent choice.

Ron -- Under 300 pounds for the first time since his early teens.

Helen only lost 1 pound. That may set her up for elimination, depending on what Mike, Kristin and Filipe do.

Mike lost 8 pounds!

Filipe needed more than three pounds and he got it exactly. So now it's down to Kristin. Either she or Filipe will be below the yellow line with Helen. She needs to lose more than 2 pounds.

And she gained a pound!

So it's Kristin and Helen below the yellow line.

The weasel
Kristin talked to Ron to secure his vote. Ron said he would talk to Mike. I wondered how much weight (pardon the pun) that would have.

Oooohh! What a weasel Ron is. He didn't lie to Kristin -- he wasn't going to write Kristin's name down, but he made sure that Mike -- his little puppet -- would.

The elimination was the most uncomfortable ever. Not that it was surprising, Kristin got voted off with Mike as the swing vote. But Kristin called Mike --and Ron -- on the carpet and let them know she knew their game. She forced Mike to admit he thought that the game was all his. Then it was totally creepy when Ron said "My son will win," like he has some Obi Wan Kenobi mind control powers.

So the final 5 are Tara, Helen, Ron, Mike and Filipe. Guess I'm part of the Filipe fan club now.


Anonymous said...

First I want to thank you for writing this update and will favorite the blog because I don't get TV and hate having to wait till wednesday for NBC to update.

I kina liked Kristin. Just hr character and everything. But she was not in my final three. I'm surprised they actually eliminated her though; she and Ron are "untouchable" yet always below the yellow.

If there's one thing I have to disagree with, it's Filipe. I could never root for him. The guy has no manners and no class! I mean, theres a hundred better ways to tell Laura that it was blue's turn to use a golden ticket. Whatever happened to seeing the person in the game? He said "I'm playing the game" last week in so many words. But why not say "I'm playing the game, but you're still an awesome person. Get well soon!" Oh well, enough on Filipe. I want to see Tara, Helen, and Mike in the final.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think the apple falls far from the tree with Mike. When he first started the show, he was a shy, insecure kid, but now he is a cocky ass like his dad. I'm sure that even when he gave the year's worth of groceries to Aubrey that it was some sort of game play to make him look like a sweet kid to win people's approval as he passed them by in weight loss.

It's sad how cut-throat everyone gets in the end. I know that's how the game is supposed to be played. I guess maybe I am finding that I am not a big fan of the game.

Cool Chick said...

Does anyone know what the name of the song playing when Kirsten was doing her last chance workout? I liked the words and they seemed great to hear while working out.

Joanie said...

I'm going to miss our Tuesday night synopses of "The Game"!

OH, no way in hell would I have been able to stay up in that cage! I am so afraid of heights!
I really want to see someone other than Tara win a challenge. that's actually getting boring! The only thing I like is she bests Filipe every single week!

The other infomercial was for those steamer bags for the microwave.. I think I somehow missed the whey protein ad.

Oh I was so hoping it was going to be Helen and Filipe in the bottom 3, but it was not to be. I have a feeling the 3 finalists are going to be Tara, Mike and Helen.

Some intereestng stuff I just checked up on! This race is so close! They go by percentage of body fat lost to declare the winner. Here are the stats, as of last week:
Tara 38%
Mike 37%
Helen 37%
Kristin 33% (so she's NOT Mike's biggest threat like he kept saying!)
Filipe 32%
Ron 30%

It's no secret that I'm no fan of Helen. I'm sorry that Kristin is home now. She was my favorite but I think she had too far to go to win the game in the end. Maybe she'll take the $100,000 in 2 weeks. I have a feeling that Mike will, indeed, win the game.

Did I miss something with Mike and Ron? I think I've been missing quite a lot with those 2! I was one of the suckers who thought Mike was being very generous and sweet to give Aubrey the food for a year. My bad, I guess.

There's no chance I'll ever be a fan of Filipe. I find him to be immature, self-centered and a complete jerk.

I think in the long run, I hope Tara wins. If it can't be Kristin, I hope it's Tara and I hope Kristin wins 2nd place!

Amy said...

Oh come on ladies, don't you think Filipe is a little bit cute and funny? I mean, I was seriously laughing when he was up there last night shaking the rigging and trash talking.

Deby said...

I don't remember them showing subtitles when Jillian told Mike to vote Laura off when he asked her "what should I do?". They've done that in the past; when Bob told someone in his group to vote Dane off, remember?

I was disappointed in Kristin's attitude before and after she was voted off. I think she lowered herself, got a bit mouthy, to the game and it was unbecoming.

But Ron was unbecoming as well. Although it's not the first time, is it? One one hand, he held up his end of the bargain by not writing Kristin's name on the card, on the other hand, I feel, he lied right to her face when she asked if he knew Mike was going to vote her off and he said "no".

I kept thinking of Shannon when Helen was whimpering about needing to stay on, I hope she goes next week.

I think Tara and Mike will be in the top three, I don't know about the third person. If I had to take a stab at a guess, I guess I'd pick Filipe.

This as been a pretty good cast, they watched out for each other through most of their stay at the Ranch. Certainly mellow when compared to last season's cast!

Anonymous said...

What a night to have my dish receiver blow up. Literally. Started hissing, then smoking, then BAM! Huge flame shoots out. I love Kristen. I hate it that she went home and I hate it that I didn't get to see what she looks like now that she's been home. I hate Ron.

Michelle said...

I am so angry with Mike and Ron!!!

ANYONE but Mike now, even Tara!

Michelle said...

You know, it must be a brown thing! Remember Vicky from last season? I think she and her husband Brady were brown team and they were sneaky and then outright mean!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You know I still think I want Mike to win! That was pretty sneaky of them, but I guess you do what you gotta do to stay in the house. I was hoping for Helen to go though!

Marine Wife said...

I can't stand Ron. And I'm seriously irritated that he's still in the house! I'm pulling for Tara. Did anyone else notice her face when Mike admitted he thought the game was his? Priceless.

Joanie said...

Marine Wife,
LOL! All Mike did was give Tara even more incentive to kick his butt in this game. I've been back and forth with her all season but she doesn't mouth off, she stays quiet and WATCHES everyone! In the cage, she was focused on herself and no one else. With all the challenges Tara's won, I do believe she is the most deserving of winning this game. And I hope Kristin takes 2nd place!

Anonymous said...

It's a game. You put $250K up what do you expect. Yes, Kristin was a threat; she will do a "heba" and lose more weight at home. Yes, Ron schemed. But it was gameplay. It was Kristin who fell below the yellow in the first place. Still I'm rooting for Jilian's team to win. Favorite outcome? Mike goes up there, wows everyone, only to be edged out by Tara.