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Monday, April 13, 2009


Just a collection of quick and likely unrelated items that are floating in my brain tonight.

You haven't got mail...
I would never make it as a U.S. postal worker. In fact, I stink at the mail. I owe mail to Cheryl (aka Ruby's Mom) who is still waiting on her prize pack from the BL contest; Shannon who I promised BL socks to; and Sharon and Momza who each won some lithium batteries from the Energizer Bunny post. (Actually, Sharon and Momza, I need your address. You can send it to 4thfrog70 at gmail dot com.)

I really have all the stuff ready to go and be mailed. It's the actual taking it to the post office and getting it sent part I'm stuck on. But it's on my list to do by the end of the month! I told you I'm a terrible procrastinator.

You guys don't miss a thing...
I really wrestled with whether or not to mention anything here about the situation with Mike. I work hard at keeping this blog authentic and true to my life. But I also have certain parts of my life that I keep to myself. So rather than write some big dramatic post, I just quietly passed along the information that Mike is not living at home right now where it fit and where it seemed pertinent. But nothing's getting past you all! Let me just say that Mike is not in prison, is not dying in a hospital from some exotic disease, is not circumnavigating the globe and is not shacking up with anyone. We're taking some space so we can each work on some things and we both are committed to each other, our marriage and our family. Your prayers are appreciated.

Why do I do this to myself?
I think I am a glutton for punishment. I sat and watched Jon & Kate + 8 tonight, even though I know that show grates on my nerves. I get all twisted up about how mean Kate is to Jon, even though it's none of my business. Why in the world did I sit there and watch it? And what's worse, I watched it while eating Moose Tracks ice cream (the light version, if it can be called that), knowing all the while that my dumb tooth would start hurting,which it did. I watched even though I knew I should be packing lunches, which I didn't and which will mean a little extra chaos in the morning.

Say cheese!
My first mammogram is in the morning. I have a pretty bra laid out to wear. And yes, I know that they won't be needing that. I have ibuprofen ready to take before the big squish. The hypochondriac in me already has them finding something terrible. But mostly, I'm just hoping I get some good blog fodder out of the whole experience!

Age discrimination?
I've decided to pay a visit to a counselor, you know the head-shrinking type. I called a local center here, gave them my info and got a return call from a therapist. I haven't scheduled an appointment yet because on the voice mail, this "woman" sounds about 12 years old. Is it rude of me to ask how old she is or whether she has dealt with life issues beyond some boy she likes taking another girl to the high school prom?

Another one bites the dust...
I just got e-mail notification that one of my subscribers has unsubscribed from this blog. So of course, I start wondering "was it something I said?" or something I didn't say? Was yesterday's Alleluia post too heavy-handed? I'm a first-born, so it's in my nature to be a people pleaser and losing subscribers/followers is clear evidence that someone is not pleased. But I'm a big girl and I can take it. I write this blog as much for me as for anyone else and I won't get all wigged out over losing one subscriber. Of course, if you were all to send the link to my blog to say...10 of your closest friends and tell them to follow/subscribe, I'd be ok with that too! LOL! Shameless, aren't I?!

Catch you all tomorrow, post-mammy!


Joanie said...

You should join Tuesday Random Thoughts and get the cool button to put on your blog! Your post is exactly what TRT is all about.

Don't sweat the mammogram. It's not bad at all. Your actual boob won't even hurt. It's amazing how far out it goes when they squish it!! What might be uncomfortable is where the boob attaches to your chest wall. It's actually tougher on small breasted women!

Good luck with Mike. I hope you all figure things out.

A therapist is a very good thing to do! I did therapy for 3 years and it really helped me a lot! You should be able to check out her credentials and she shouldn't get offended when you do. If she does, find someone else!

Well, I wasn't the one who quit on you!

See you tomorrow for TBL!!!

Momza said...

First off, I am AMAZED I've won anything!! I'm so stoked about it that even if you don't actually send the prize, you still made my day!
Second, mammograms don't hurt. A smidge uncomfortable but having had them before, I'm confused at why women whine so much about them. So you don't need to medicate b4 you go.
And third, take a lollipop to the therapist--just in case. And maybe a TEEN People magazine.

Anonymous said...

The unsubscriber thing would keep me up at night. Why? I too am a people pleaser. I can't stand that about myself!

Amy said...

@Joanie -- Maybe after BL is over. Right now, Tuesdays are reserved!

@Momza -- Teen People?! You are cracking me up!

@Terri -- Glad to know I'm not alone.

Sharon said...

Good Luck w/ the mammogram! I've never had one and I absolutely dread it.

As for the unsubscriber, their loss!!! Keep in mind, too, that they may no longer subscribe, but very well could still come here to read your site. :)

Deby said...

The only thing I have to say about getting a mammogram everything they tell you to so you don't end up having to do it more than once! It's uncomfortable, but doable.

I became a follower yesterday, can I cancel out your unsubscriber? I love your blog, it has always brought a smile to my face!

I hope everything works itself out to the betterment of your marriage.

I have to confess that I watch Jon & Kate plus 8, there's just something about the little kids. Although yesterday I enjoyed the outtakes of Little People, Big World 'cuz I saw myself, my husband, his cousin and his girlfriend in the haywagon scene!!

Can't wait for BL result tonight!


Gramma said...

I was wondering why your blog was less frequent and why you kept mentioning how stressed you were. I am sorry for any pain that you and Mike may be going through. I hope it all works out soon and in a mutually wonderful way. Love your blog and have recommended it to others. I think I have subscribed. Cathy C

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I ain't leaving you!!! I am here to stay!

And I am so glad to hear you say that you and Mike are committed to each other. I will keep you all in prayers!

Take all the time you need sending those socks. One procrastinator to another... I totally understand!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday even though I don't comment all the time. I did notice your entry about Mike the other day. Hugs and prayers being sent your way.